Psychic mediums have been around for centuries. But although a majority of people have heard of psychics, a good number of individuals remains sceptical about their abilities. While some people may doubt psychics' abilities, others may blatantly feel that psychics are simply con artists. In truth, these are just misconceptions about psychic readings and the spiritual realm at large. While there are, granted, some people who try to defraud innocent individuals with fake psychic abilities, there are still a large number of legitimate psychics who can help you with problems that you may have been going through or offer you clarity on some aspects of your life. Whatever reason why you need to set up a psychic reading, this piece demystifies a couple of misassumptions about psychics.

Myth 1: Psychics should be thrown off track to prove their legitimacy

One of the biggest misconceptions the public has regarding psychics is that if they get something wrong during the reading, then it means they must be fake. However, this is completely incorrect. The first thing that you need to know regarding mediums is that they offer intuitive counselling. This intuitive counselling means that they have to connect with your spiritual energy before they can give you an accurate reading or offer you clarity for specific questions. A mistake some people make is 'testing' their psychic's ability. And while there is nothing wrong with trying to establish if you are dealing with a legitimate medium, by putting up mental walls, you effectively block the psychic from reading your energy and subsequently feel that you did not have a genuine session.

Myth 2: The ambience is dark and the psychic uses a crystal ball

This misassumption can be attributed to the imagery of psychics that has been perpetrated on the television. In years past, some psychics did try to create a specific ambience to help temper the mood. Thus, some mediums would hold their sessions in a dimly lit room with a crystal ball at the centre of the table and so on. However, the setting for psychic readings has changed dramatically over the years. In fact, a good number of psychics simply need a quiet space to hold your reading, be it at their studio, in your home or even over the phone. You should also note that while crystal balls can seem gimmicky, some psychics do employ other tools to tap into the spiritual realms, for instance, the use of tarot cards. Nonetheless, this does not diminish their psychic abilities.